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Southern Dropout Prevention Alliance | SDPA
Strategies in Action


School Improvement

The Southern Dropout Prevention Alliance (SDPA) has employees throughout the southern region with national experience in implementation, evidence-based strategies, and best practices as it relates to federal programs.  Our employees have experience in coaching, modeling, facilitating workshops, writing grants, and providing valuable resources. SDPA employees are teachers, academic coaches, instructional technologists, and state/district/building-level administrators.

SDPA works with organizations to identify and align common goals, strategies and outcomes. We share our clients' ambition and understand and their objectives; therefore, we not only help implement the plan, we help execute.

Services SDPA provides include but not limited to the following:

Title I -

  • Program Application Assistance
  • Schoolwide Planning Assistance
  • Comparability Assistance
  • Monitoring Assistance
  • Program Implementation
  • Guidance on Fund Usage
  • ESSA Guidance

School Improvement (1003a and SIG) -

  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • Provide Professional Services
  • Provide Intervention Strategies
  • Program Alignment
  • Guidance on Fund Usage

Direct Student Services

SDPA’s learning solutions offer customized K-12 educational supports for schools, districts, and partners. Our distinguished network of locally-based and highly motivated educators and professionals are committed to providing schools with research-based, effective instructional programs, instructional resources, as well as intervention support, program implementation, supplemental instruction, and extended day.

Safe Learning Environment

A comprehensive violence prevention plan, including conflict resolution, must deal with potential violence as well as crisis management. A safe learning environment provides daily experiences, at all grade levels, which enhance positive social attitudes and effective interpersonal skills in all students.

Truancy Support

Chronic absenteeism, truancy and average daily attendance is necessary for students to achieve academically. Often times, these absences are a sign of a much larger issue. New laws in many states have made this “already pressing issue” a larger concern. The fact is, when students are not at school academics suffer and schools districts lose money.

Bully Prevention

Our goal is to involve and educates communities nationwide to address bullying through creative, relevant and interactive resources.

Classroom Management

Classroom management, often called classroom discipline, has been a priority for teachers for nearly 40 years, or for as long as there have been opinion surveys of educational priorities. Educators have consistently rated discipline as one of the most serious obstacles to promoting effective teaching.

Graduation Rate Support

The US Department of Education computes an adjusted graduation rate for states by dividing the number of students earning a regular diploma by an "adjusted cohort" for the graduating class -- the number of ninth graders four years ago, plus students transferring in, minus those who transferred, emigrated or passed away during the four school years. We have helped hundreds of schools increase their HGI, let us help you.

Our services and support will improve academic achievement and student outcomes. Email us at askus@southerndpa.org or call at 866-773-1422 to get your school, school district, on the road to academic excellence.